This is the place where you will be pleased to see the art of botanical print of ZEE COLLECTION. Please enjoy our premium botanical print products. Base product is on fabrics such a silk, cotton, rayon. Also other derivative product from eco leather and ecopaper.

ZEE COLLECTION is a manufacture premium botanical print fabric specialist. We are a successful startup that penetrates several abroad countries like European and others with high art taste standards. We pour our soul, technique, and high intention into our work that fuses into one of a kind masterpiece in the world. Each of the exclusive unique motif quality got through a long process by many artisans handmade into a natural fibers material so that it becomes a zero waste product in order to support our sustainable earth.
basic ecoprint by zee


Basic ecoprint technique is usually for the beginner. Here in ZEE COLLECTION the basic technique is enhance and develop as one of cool and good like medium or even expert technique results.

3D ecoprint by ZEE


One of super ecoprint technique is 3D. The result will bring the print like floating on the water even its on the fabrics. The 3D print will be cool as the dress or home decor appliance. When you put it on the frame, it will looks awesome like mast

Spring ecoprint by ZEE


Full of color and fun, this is how spring ecoprint named. This technique is awesome with almost of leafs can be used as the motif. Tropical leaves are awesome printed on spring technique.

Premium Botanical Print

Zee collection is a producer of premium botanical print that unique and high sense of art. It print on many kind of fabric depend on the purpose.  We are specializing manufacturing all kind botanical print in fabrics, paper and leather.
 Even as a new SME that established about two years but our product has been exported to many European countries such France, Turkey and also exhibited at ITPC Sao Paulo - Brazil.
For further information we could reached on our Instagram. Or DM on Whatsapp.


Premium Botanical Print Silk Fabric

Premium botanical print silk fabric

Premium Silk Botanical Print Scarf

Ecoprint long scarf by ZEE

Cotton Botanical Print Scarf

Scarf ecoprint

Botanical Print Long Scarf

Beautiful ecoprint scarf

Beautiful Botanical Print Scarf

Bark ecoprint scarf

Bark Botanical Print Scarf


Premium Tropical Botanical Print Shawl / Scarf

Grey ecoprint scarf

Grey Natural Dye Scarf

Silk botanical print fabric

Premium Silk Tropical Botanical Print Fabric

Tropical botanical print shawl

Tropical Botanical Print Scarf / Shawl

silk ecoprint

Silk Botanical Print

Premium botanical print fabric

Premium Botanical Print Fabric

Botanical Print

Natural Dye Botanical Print

Premium botanical print shawl

Premium Botanical Print Shawl

Tropical botanical print cotton fabric

Tropical Botanical Print Cotton Fabric

Premium botanical print chiffon fabric

Premium Botanical Print Chiffon Scarf

Premium Botanical Print Cotton Fabric

Ecoprint Outer

Botanical Print Cotton Outer

Custom ecoprint dress by zee

Custom Ecoprint Dress

Home dress ecoprint by ZEE

Ecoprint Dress

Botanical print dress series

Botanical Print Dress Series

Botanical print silk gown

Botanical Print Silk Gown

Botanical print cotton dress

Botanical Print Cotton Dress

Botanical print on canvas fabric

Botanical Print Suit on Canvas Fabric

botanical print leather bag

Botanical Print Leather Bag Series

Eco leather bag

Eco Leather Bag

Leather ecoprint card holder by ZEE

Leather Card Holder

Small ecoprint hand bag leather by ZEE

Small Ecoleather Handbag

Ecopaper by ZEE

Eco Paper

Eco paper home decor

Eco Paper Home Decor

Eco paper home decor

Eco Paper Home Decor

Eco Paper Home Decor

Eco Paper Home Decor

Botanical Print Leather Boots

Botanical Print Leather Boots

Ecoprint on leather

Botanical Print Leather Shoe

Ecoprint on Canvas

Botanical Print Canvas Shoe

ITPC Sao Paulo Gallery

Zee Collection in ITPC Sao Paulo Gallery

Shibori technique

Indigo Shibori Technique

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